What are Commercial AV Systems

And why you should invest in a system with Biamp

Commercial AV systems

Would you like to optimize your meeting rooms, so that future meetings are more effective and enable better communication and collaboration? Would you like your conference room AV to be more BYOD friendly, with an AV system that provides users with a seamless experience regardless of the type of device they bring? Would you like your office reception to provide an audiovisual experience that helps make a great first impression?

A complete, professional commercial AV system is made up of audio and video equipment connected to an AV control system, which can either automate the devices' actions or enable users to operate all the equipment in the system from one central control interface.

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Benefits of an AV system with Biamp

At Biamp, we provide professional quality AV control systems, which are the basis upon which most AV systems are built. With a Biamp AV control system at the heart of your enterprise AV system, you get several benefits:

  • An automated system that can reduce energy consumption
  • A simplified way for meeting attendees to interact with the AV equipment
  • A reduction in user confusion and frustration
  • An increase in meeting efficiency and productivity
  • A reduction in costs relating to equipment misplacement (such as missing remote controls)
  • A reduction in costs relating to equipment replacement due to damages caused by errors and misuse
  • A reduction in time spent providing IT support to users

As an IT/AV responsible, you can request a demo or get in touch with your local Biamp reseller to hear more about how your enterprise can benefit from commercial AV systems with Biamp products.

More than 350,000+ meeting rooms and learning spaces worldwide have an AV system installation with Biamp

What does a commercial AV system consist of?

A commercial AV system, to put it simply, is a set of AV equipment that when integrated, serves a specific purpose. Due to the astonishing variety of AV equipment and different types of enterprises, each with their unique needs; there is no one example of a commercial AV system. In the next two sections, we will outline different types of AV equipment and how it can be bundled to create AV systems that cater to different types of companies and spaces.

Some examples of typical AV equipment that would be present in a commercial AV system are:

Of course, it’s important to highlight that professional AV equipment is typically available in specialized retailers and not in hypermarkets or consumer electronic stores. Pro AV equipment is specifically designed for commercial (24/7) use; it’s of higher quality, more durable, has a longer lifetime and has certain features (such as RS232 or LAN ports) that enable it to be integrated with professional AV systems.

Learn more about the difference between consumer and Pro AV

Commercial AV systems: Different use case scenarios

As mentioned previously, commercial AV systems can look completely different depending on the type of company, where the system is installed and what equipment is used. Here are some examples of different types of AV systems. You can also visit our solution guide for a detailed breakdown of the typical equipment found in AV systems for small, medium or large meeting rooms. 

Office meeting rooms

A fully equipped meeting room sets the stage for productive meetings, presentations, training sessions or video conferences. However, when being confronted with so many brands and types of equipment, it’s no wonder its such a big challenge to choose the right AV equipment for office meeting rooms! We advise you to consult a professional AV System Integrator that can offer you proper guidance and design an AV system that fits your specific needs. A complete AV system with integrated control in a meeting room can offer several benefits:

Simplifies the way users interact with AV equipment

Instead of having remote controls and a set of cables for each piece of equipment in the room, an AV control system connects all the devices and provides the user with one streamlined control interface to perform the required actions. This control interface could be a keypad or a touch panel, depending on the size of the room, the complexity of the AV system and the allocated budget. A keypad control system typically has 4 to 8 buttons, each of which is configured to perform a specific action in the AV system, such as adjusting the speaker volume up and down, activating an input signal (to a projector, display or wireless sharing device) and turning off the entire AV system at the end of a meeting. A touch interface such as one of the Biamp Touch Panels, due to its nature, can be configured to control more devices and perform more complex actions.

Automates several events

An AV control system from Biamp can automate your commercial AV system by setting off several events upon user interaction. For example, in a setup with a projector and a roll-up projector screen, the AV system could be configured to roll the screen down, turn off the lights and close the curtains when the system detects an active input signal for the projector from a user's device. Another of automation would be using an AV control system such as the Neets Control - SieRRa II with an integrated motion sensor. The AV system could be configured to automatically turn off all the equipment in a meeting room after not detecting any activity in the room for a certain amount of time. Similarly, it can be configured with a daily scheduled shutdown after the office is closed. This ensures that equipment is turned off if meeting room users forget to do it, drastically reducing energy consumption in a building.

Large scale conference rooms

In hotels or other venues where renting meeting/conference rooms are a big source of income, it is extremely important to have commercial AV systems are equipped with the latest AV equipment and work properly all the time. In such a scenario, it is important that the AV system is flexible and can be adjusted to cater to different needs.

Some important elements in such a scenario are:

  • Sound systems with speakers, amplifiers and microphones
  • Projector and screen that are either portable or can be hidden out of sight when not in use
  • Room dividers – where a large room can be separated into two smaller sections and the AV system can also be divided into 2 independent systems
  • Different connection options that enable users to connect to the system, regardless of the type of device (HDMI, USB, VGA cables, adapters and wireless connection options)
  • A user-friendly control interface, one that is easy for users to decode and use without requiring training or onboarding


A touch panel control interface from Centre Perex in Belgium, where their large conference room AV system can be separated into two separate sections.

Read case study here.

Reception areas

Reception areas in office buildings, conference centers, shopping malls, public institutions or hotels could benefit from a commercial AV system that facilitates the transfer of information using displays. Information displays could be used for wayfinding. Some examples are:

  • An overview of where and what time different meetings, sessions or classes are being held
  • An interactive map of the premises

Displays could also be used to welcome a visitor, as an interactive bulletin board or even to display digital art, as done in this case study of a meeting room hotel in London and New York City. Such an AV system is very flexible and can provide many benefits to your enterprise. It is easy to have different content shown on different screens and have content updated in real-time.

Getting a tailor-made commercial AV system for your enterprise

Are you inspired and ready to upgrade your meeting/conference rooms or reception areas with a commercial AV system? Do you dream of meeting room AV that just works? A scenario, where you as IT/AV responsible are not called to put out fires every few hours?

At Biamp, we aim to solve users’ challenges when interacting with AV so they can focus their time and energy on having effective and productive meetings, not figuring out how to use the equipment. We do that with our AV control systems and user-friendly keypad and touch interfaces, that can be designed and configured to fit any type of room with any kind of equipment. For more information about Biamps’ line of control systems and how your enterprise can benefit, you are more than welcome to find a dealer or reach out to us directly.


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