Desk cable mangement

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Desk Cable Management

Desk cable management is a term used to describe tools or accessories that help you manage, hide or store wires and cables around your desk at home or in the office. Unorganized cables look unsightly, cause unnecessary hassles to employees and can be a potential workplace hazard.

Learn all about:

→ Why unorganized cables can cause problems at the workplace 

→ Different desk cable management options 

→ How to find the right desk cable management solution for your needs

Why are unorganized cables a problem in the workplace?    

Workplaces nowadays are very digital, where employees perform essential tasks on stationary computers, laptops or other devices.Each device, of course, comes with a minimum of one cable. In fact, studies in the UK show that the average workstation has 6 wired devices!

Try a funny little exercise. If each cable is 2 meters long and each workstation is surrounded by c. 12 meters of cable; how many meters of cable are there at your workplace?

If all these meters of cables are exposed and trailing around desks and open areas of the office, they would present a health and safety hazard.

Here are some examples of problems caused by unorganized cables: 

  • Employees can trip or fall over cables and injure themselves, exposing the company to a potential lawsuit.
  • If a cable is pulled out roughly and suddenly, internal electrical connections can become loosened, potentially damaging the equipment.
  • Using and overloading power extensions instead of installing enough power outlets can cause excessive heat buildup around the cables, leading to electrical fires.
  • Tangled cables around workspaces make them less accessible to cleaning staff, meaning that certain areas of the office are not cleaned properly. This can cause issues with dust allergies, especially in offices with fitted carpets.

Different desk cable management options

There are several types of cable management tools you can use at the workplace. The choice depends on several factors, including the number of workstations, devices and cables, your budget, whether you’re renovating the office or simply adding cable management to an already-furnished office, whether you want cables to be completely invisible or simply kept out of the way.

Below are some examples of different cable management tools. Some are budget-friendly solutions that can be purchased from most hardware or office supply stores, while others require a specialist to install. 

Cable management solutions from Biamp

Biamp Denmark is historically a manufacturer of AV control systems. However, over the years we have built a close relationship to our distributors, resellers and customers, developing a greater understanding of the needs in the market. Our user-first design focus has led us to design supplementary types of AV equipment and accessories for meeting rooms, including cable management solutions such as table wells and input panels.

Tabletop Solutions by Biamp

Biamps’ table wells are a part of our Tabletop Solutions range and are designed to manage cables at the workspace or in meetings rooms. They are installed directly into a table’s surface, passing cable connections through the desk directly to a user’s device. For example, in a meeting room, cables connecting a laptop to the TV, sound system, webcam, microphone or projector would be routed across the floor and through the table well in the desk for easy and convenient access. Some models also have a built-in AC outlet that can be used to provide power to users’ devices. Another benefit is that most table wells have a lid; when closed, the cable connections are neatly hidden out of sight.

Biamp Input Panels

Another cable management solution from Biamp is Input Panels. Input Panels are wall plates with a cable outlet that are installed in an outlet box in the wall, providing a connection such as USB, HDMI, AUX etc. Long cables from the equipment in the room would be hidden and passed through the wall and connected the input panel. Users connect their devices to the equipment through the input panel with a much shorter cable. The result is an elegant finish in a room where several meters of cable are hidden from view.

Finding the right desk cable management option

We have outlined several different types of cable management solutions. We’ve also written an article on cable management specifically in meeting rooms, where we go into even more detail on cable management options. There isn’t one right way to manage cables; it’s all about creating a tailored solution to fit your offices and your needs.

Some of the factors to take into consideration when designing cable management solutions for offices and meeting rooms are:

  • The size of the office
  • The number of workstations
  • The number of equipment and devices
  • The flexibility to move workstations around
  • The equipment in meeting rooms
  • The frequency meeting rooms are used

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