Neets and Niio enable rotating art exhibition at Meet in Place

Rentable meeting rooms located in the commercial hubs of the world - providing stylish interiors and the best equipment to help users be focused, productive and inspired. Keypad control systems and motion sensors from Neets provide a user-friendly control interface for the meeting rooms and automatic switching to rotating art.


Time is too precious for uninspired and unproductive meetings. That is why serial entrepreneurs Yaron Kopel and Michael Dorman founded Meet in Place in 2016, opening their first on-demand multi meeting room complex in Tel-Aviv. The concept is simple – to provide fully-equipped meeting rooms that are designed to inspire users and maximize their productivity. Meet in Place offers rooms in different sizes and for different purposes; and the best part, rooms are rented by the hour and without any membership subscriptions or long-term commitments. Meet in Place’s concept took off, and in 2019 they expanded with four new complexes in New York City and London.


“The idea at the heart of our concept is that design is key to productive modern working. We’re providing smart and innovative meeting spaces with a unique artistic experience. Thanks to Niio’s digital art platform, our meeting rooms transform into premium curated art exhibitions”, says Mr. Kopel.

The founders of Meet in Places are meticulous; driven by perfection. Every detail in their complexes - from the location, interior design, to the technology in the meeting rooms - has been deliberately chosen and contributes to the holistic experience of interacting with the Meet in Place brand. Their goal was to combine functionality and experience to create an aesthetic ambience that inspires and maximizes productivity.

The founders had two challenges. Every meeting room required a large display – but a blank black screen when rooms were not in use was simply not acceptable. Another challenge was to ensure that meeting room users – most of who were there for the first time – would have a smooth and seamless experience when using the available equipment.

We're providing smart and innovative meeting spaces with a unique artistic experience.

- Yaron Kopel



To find a creative solution to these challenges, Meet in Place engaged with Niio Art, the worlds leading platform for high-quality digital art, and together, defined a unique vision for these brand-new complexes, to transform every screen into a digital canvas showing rotating collections of premium works of art when the displays were not in use.

The artwork was curated to match each meeting room’s exquisite interior design, expertly put together by Flow Studio. This vision to bring moving image art into the meeting room environment and to ensure a seamless experience for guests was enabled with a combination of powerful technology; Philips Professional Display Solutions, NIIO ArtConsoleTM and Neets Control – Echo Plus and PIR sensor.

Screens were installed across all complexes and framed in custom-made enclosures. The screens were then linked to NIIO ArtConsoleTM, a dedicated, remotely managed, rights-managed player that provides robust and secure playback of curated media artworks from leading artists around the world. Meeting organizers, if not using the screens, are exposed to an inspirational collection of rotating digital artwork.

Rob Anders, Niio Co-Founder & CEO explains,

"When founding Niio, we wanted to reach and inspire people everywhere by enabling simple access to the world’s finest video and interactive art: whether experienced within a contemporary working environment or a traditional gallery space. Partnerships with innovative companies like Meet in Place, Neets and Philips enable us to showcase curated collections of amazing moving image works from a global community of leading artists to an audience of millions of people every day. It is these types of creative art interventions which are driving an entirely new visual culture as a positive alternative to the digital noise all around us, and we’re certain this will be a major part of the Meet in Place visitor experience.” 

Neets’ control solution plays several important roles. The Neets Control - EchoPlus acts as a ‘user-friendly remote control’ for meeting room users, while ensuring that all the equipment in the room works together seamlessly, and automatically turning the screen into a digital art canvas when the screen is not in use.

The Neets Control – EcHo Plus is custom configured with the necessary functions to control the equipment in every individual meeting room. Users are guided on how to operate the meeting room equipment with its intuitive keypad design and labelling.

The PIR sensor detects movements in the room and ensures that digital artwork is shown on screens even when the meeting rooms are vacant.

About Biamp

Biamp is a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems that power the world’s most sophisticated audiovisual installations. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

For more information on Biamp, please visit or read the official press release on Neets joining the Biamp family here.

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