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Biamp's AV control solutions empower educators and students to make the most out of classroom AV technology effortlessly. With interfaces of unmatched user-friendlinessand control systems compatible with a vast array of AV equipment types and models, Biamp is a smart and competitive option for your next learning space upgrade.

Easily decodable, user-friendly interfaces

Everybody has, at some point or another, been a victim of poorly functioning technology in a classroom or meeting room. Unstable network connection, remote controls that have disappeared or run out of battery, a giant tangle of cables of which you can’t make head or tail. All of these are stress factors, challenges, and distractions for people having meetings or presentations.

Biamps’ mission is to eliminate these barriers by developing AV control systems that match users’ needs. And the biggest need we see is that of simple, clear, and understandable control interfaces that help users use the equipment and get started with their meetings and presentation. A start with no wasted time, no frustration and embarrassment, and no mental gymnastics to figure out how to get equipment turned on.

It’s extremely easy for the teachers to understand and to use. Being able to operate every device from one interface help teachers to think of it as a simple and smart setup.

Martin Bernhard

Vice-Principle - Søndervangskolen, Aarhus, Denmark
Martin Bernhard

Flexible system tailored to your needs

All of Biamps' control systems are configured with Project Designer. This software provides System Integrators with an extensive library of over 5000 device drivers from over 130 brands. Biamp works closely with other manufacturers in the industry to ensure a high level of accessibility and compatibility by continually adding new drivers. This ensures that you can use Biamp control systems with your current AV equipment setup, or with your preferred brands or models in a new installation.

Biamps' range of control system spans from simple 4-button keypads (such as the Neets Control - OsCar) to rack-mounted control systems (such as the Neets Control - AlFa II). Find a Biamp-Certified System Integrator or AV reseller that can recommend a control system that matches the complexity of your next installation.

Digital interface for a future-proof equipment setup

Biamps' product portfolio includes keypads with in-built controllers, touch controllers, and a range of touch panels, available in 4", 7", and 10" screen sizes. Biamps' keypad control system, the Neets Control - UniForm, is unique on the market thanks to its E-ink label. The digital interface is modern, highly readable, and provides flexibility in the installation as it can easily be updated without disassembling the control system. 

The Biamp touch panels enable a control user interface when paired with the touch controllers. The interfaces are configured using Project Designer. Biamps' design team has created several sets of professional, predesigned GUI templates for System Integrators to use, ensuring interfaces have a consistent, professional look and a high level of usability.

The display offers flexibility, in that we don’t have to make the physical labels. Everything is done directly from the computer and is then uploaded to the UniForm using the external USB port, so if we want to make changes in the future, we don't have to take it apart.

Lars Palmqvist

IT manager - University of Copenhagen
Lars Palmqvist

More than 350,000 meeting rooms and classrooms worldwide are benefiting from a Biamp control system installation

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Neets Control - Echo

The Neets Control - EcHo is an 8-button keypad with a built-in controller. The control system is and the connected equipment are configured with Neets Project Designer. This keypad is long-established in the education AV market, well-known for its reliability and durability. The Neets Control - EcHo has a NEB port, enabling system expansion with additional keypads or ports. Its twin model Neets Control - Echo Plus has a LAN port, ideal for educational institutions that use central monitoring systems.

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Neets Control - UniForm

Neets Control – UniForm provides a clear and easily decoded control interface with its E-ink digital label, with icons and labels clearly depicting each of the 8 buttons' function. The E-ink label and USB port at the bottom also ensures that updating the configuration is a straightforward process. The keypad is powered by PoE, eliminating the need for additional power supplies. Neets Control - UniForm has several mounting options, making it suitable for new installations and retrofit.

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Neets Touch & Tango bundle (Neets 7" Touch Panel + Neets Control - TanGo)

This Neets Touch Panel and controller bundle is an excellent solution for rooms with a more complex AV system; perhaps one with a lot of AV equipment, or one that requires a more complex user interface. The touch panel's user interface and control system are configured with Neets Project Designer. Several pre-designed templates are available in the software, making configuration an easy and speedy process while guaranteeing a high level of user-friendliness.

Download Neets 7" Touch Panel Datasheet >

Download Neets Control - Tango Datasheet >

Neets Sound Bar - SB2

Clear audio is essential to deliver outstanding learning experiences. With voice enhancement, Neets Sound Bar - SB2 is specifically designed for perfect audio reproduction, making it ideal for presentations in classrooms. With three built-in DSP presets, such as voice, music, and presentation, the soundbar facilitates high-quality communication and audio in different usage scenarios, contributing to a great learning environment.

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Customer Stories


Søndervangskolen, with help from Biamp control systems, increased the technology adoption and use rate in its classrooms with minimum effort.

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University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen upgrades control systems in 39 lecture halls and classrooms to modern and user-friendly interfaces that are easy to adapt to their everchanging needs.

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