What is a sound bar?

And how does it benefit your meeting room?

What is a sound bar?


A sound bar (also spelled soundbar) is a type of loudspeaker with a very wide and low enclosure, like a long narrow rectangle. The sound bar is designed in this way for acoustical reasons and so that they can easily be mounted below display devices. There are multiple speakers inside a sound bar cabinet, also with an inbuilt subwoofer in some high-end sound bars; generating a high-quality sound with a surround sound effect. Sound Bars are a cost-effective alternative to stereo sound systems that can drastically improve the audio quality in your living room, home theater or meeting/conference room.

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Why is a sound bar better than other audio solutions?

The benefits and advantage of a sound bar installation


Thanks to modern technology, televisions are getting thinner and lighter, providing several benefits; including more aesthetic design, increased portability, better visual quality with LED and OLED and more. The main disadvantage, however, is that there is now less room for built-in speakers, compromising the audio quality of these devices, especially the bass response.  

Sound Bars fulfil this need; providing solid audio quality, good bass and eliminating the audio loss experienced with rear-facing speakers on TVs or monitors. Another advantage is that sound bars are connected with only one wire to the TV, eliminating the unsightly tangle of cables normally associated with surround sound systems. Finally, sound bars are relatively small, light and easy to mount above or under a display and improve the aesthetics of the room. 

To summarize, sound bars provide: 

High-quality audio with improved bass and reduced audio loss 
A cleaner and more aesthetic look 
Flexible mounting and placement options

The advantage of having a Sound Bar in a meeting room 

The modern workplace is completely digitalized, and employees are now using the same devices and media they use at home or in their free time. Meetings and presentations no longer involve a slide deck with a white background and a chunk of text. The modern meeting host or attendee desires to create a multisensory experience in meetings; using audio, video, live streams, videoconferencing etc. This requires the right equipment to be available in the meeting room.  

The importance of audio in a meeting room should not be underestimated. The scientific theory of multisensory learning claims individuals can better understand and remember when information is communicated using more than one sense. Putting science aside, we’re sure you have experienced poor-quality audio when watching a video or while in a Skype call.  It’s frustrating, distracting and disruptive.

Neets Sound Bar - SB2

Voice-enhancing technology for unified communication systems

Biamp Denmark, is, historically speaking, a manufacturer of AV control systems. Over recent years, however, we have moved from only manufacturing control systems to designing peripheral AV equipment such as the Neets Sound Bar - SB2

The SB2 is a professional-quality sound bar that is designed for meeting room use. The Sound Bar's cabinet is made from wood fiber; the go-to material for ensuring pro audio quality. Furthermore, the sound bar can optimize audio signals with 3 DSP presets- Voice, Music and Presentation; ensuring excellent audio experience in every setting.  

As a professional AV device, the Sound Bar has a number of features that make it the obvious audio choice for a meeting room's equipment setup. It has wake on signal functionality that turns the sound bar on and off automatically depending on the signal it receives from the display, removing the need for additional remote controls in the room. The sound bar also has three inputs; optical, balanced and unbalanced, and an RS232 port. RS232 is a 2-way information transfer protocol that enables physical devices to be controlled, for example with an AV control system. It would be a possibility for users to manage volume and switch between the sound bar's DSP presets with a control system, such as a keypad or touch panel.

✔ Specially designed for video conferencing

✔ Super sound quality

✔ Quality design and engineering from Denmark

✔  Improved acoustics with high-quality materials

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