The importance of AV equipment in meeting rooms

Learn why audiovisual equipment is key in your meeting space.

AV equipment. What is it and why do you need it?


AV stands for audiovisual and refers to a broad variety of digital audio and video devices for home and commercial use. Audiovisual equipment in the corporate world is used in many different settings, including meetings, presentations, videoconferences and much more! An AV installation provides a lot of value to a company; aiding and improving communication, increasing productivity and making the most of technology that is already available.

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→ Definitions and Types of AV equipment

→ The difference between Consumer and Pro AV equipment

→ Why it's important for companies to invest in AV equipment

→ What kinds of AV equipment Biamp offers

→ The benefits of choosing AV equipment from Biamp

What is AV equipment? Definition and Types

AV equipment is used to describe a wide range of devices, starting from your typical flat-screen TV to complex sound systems. Different types of AV equipment are used depending on the setting; residential, corporate conference rooms, commercial/retail or otherwise. Here are some specific examples of AV equipment:

The difference between Consumer vs. Pro AV equipment


Some types of AV equipment, especially for home use, can be purchased as standalone items from hypermarkets and consumer electronics stores online and in physical stores. AV equipment designed for corporate or commercial use, however, is typically purchased in combination with other items as a tailor-made solution from professional AV resellers.

There are substantial differences between consumer AV equipment and professional AV equipment. Professional AV equipment is designed to be used in corporate and commercial settings and is generally of a better quality, which in turn means a longer product lifetime, can withstand more wear-and-tear and has higher compatibility with other devices.

To take meeting rooms as an example, the type, quality and usability of the equipment in an audiovisual installation can heavily impact:

  • how quickly users can get started with their meeting due to technical issues or lack of understanding on how to use the equipment
  • the effectiveness of the communication during the meeting due to equipment quality   

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...and many more comparison parameters!

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Why is it important for companies to invest in AV equipment? 

AV equipment performs a broad range of functions and is thus used for a variety of tasks. In the corporate world, AV equipment is used in different ways.

Communication tool or aid

Meeting frequency is increasing, with statistics showing that top management in companies spends up to 17 hours a week in meeting rooms. That’s almost 46% of their working week! Meeting rooms and corporate conference rooms nowadays are being used for all sorts of meetings; interdepartmental coordination, strategy development, relationship building etc. Meetings can be offline, online or a mix of the two and include presentations or video conference calls with offsite workers.

Employees bring their own devices to meeting rooms (laptops, tablets, laser pointers) and use a variety of multimedia to convey their key points, such as slide decks with text and images, audio clips and short videos, mirror their screens to perform a live demo and much more.

In this age of consumer technology, employees expect and demand that meeting room equipment is compatible with their own devices. Furthermore, employees that have the freedom to use their preferred form of communication in meetings are also more likely to be motivated and communicate more effectively.

It is, therefore, essential for companies to invest in high-quality AV equipment in their meeting rooms that can support employees’ goals.

Long-distance communication and remote working

Many companies have offices in several locations, employ freelancers and remote workers or communicate with clients in other countries. In these settings, a lot of communication takes place using online collaboration tools such as chatting and video conferencing apps. Video conferencing requires a fast and stable internet connection as well as the necessary audio and video equipment to support online communication.

What kinds of AV equipment does Biamp offer?


Biamp Denmark is an AV control system manufacturer based in Denmark and has been delivering high-quality and reliable products for meeting spaces and classrooms since 1999. AV control systems can be described as the invisible brain behind the scenes that connects and controls the different equipment in a room. AV control systems are thus integrated into an AV installation to automate specific functions in the room, such as automatically turning on a projector and rolling the projector screen down when a laptop is connected.

Why choose an AV solution from Biamp?


Biamps’ mantra has always been to develop products that are easy for technicians to install and easy and intuitive for users to operate. This mantra applies to all our products; the ones requiring a professional AV integrator and the ones you can buy online and set up yourself. What you get with Biamp:

  • A range of products that integrate into professional AV installations
  • A range of products that can be purchased online for a DIY solution
  • A manufacturer with an ear to the ground that designs products based on market insights
  • Quality associated with professional AV products at a competitive price
  • 20+ years of expertise in designing user-friendly technology
  • Equipment that is highly compatible with other devices

Very intuitive. Very simple. Just what we needed.


The conference room in a real estate agent's HQ was upgraded with a Biamp AV installation. With their new solution, EDC Horsens succeeded in hiding most of their AV equipment from sight, giving their conference room a clean and streamlined look.

Furthermore, the control solution makes it easy for everyone to get meetings started without hassles and IT issues, saving time and increasing productivity.

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